Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Word Of Thanks, Again!

Hey there, fellow grace-walkers in SIB Grace, See The World Through His Heart has been awarded as “Best Christian Blog of The Week” on 24th August 2008, by Cyberanger of Singapore.

Remember at the end of July, I was led to write on a post called “A Word of Thanks” for my fellow grace-walkers to thank them for their support; and William has been a blessing to me by registering a Domain name “”; and since then this blog has been transferred to this Domain.

I have said in that post that I was looking to the Lord for leading in the month of August and as I looked back, it must be for real… The issues I have touched on were of no ordinary issue in the body of Christ today e.g. issues like Holy Communion and Tithing. At times, I would still ask myself that who am I to write on these issues, especially on tithing…

I was attacked emotionally since the posting of Tithing. There was a struggle between my flesh and my spirit; on whether I have done the right thing, and condemning thoughts kept flashing over my mind. It was until “Cyberanger”, who has wrote a comment on this post that I began to realized that I have followed my flesh and embarked on the wrong tree again, i.e. the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I should have let the Spirit leads me to the Tree of Life.

As for Cyberanger, I do not know how you find my blog, why you visit my blog at that particular time and why you chose to write your comment on that post. Is it a coincidence again? Yes, I would think so, divinely coincide, again!!! Cyberanger, You are truly a blessing everywhere you surf… Thank you for your recognition and most of all, Our Lord Jesus Himself affirms and recognizes the preaching of His grace. By His grace, I am honored to receive this award.

Hey folks, we have been placed in the heart of our Lord to receive the mystery of Christ which has not been make known to men in other generations. May your heart be encouraged and rejoice…!!!

All glory to our Lord Jesus.


  1. Hi Alan,

    Greetings from Singapore!

    All thanks to CybeRanger,this is my first visit to your blog, and the start of more visits to come,so keeping blogging for Jesus!

    Have a grace filled weekend.


  2. Shalom Maurice,

    Welcome... It is always a joy for me to see the grace of God touching people's live.

  3. Hi Alan,

    I believe it's divine appointment.
    God is good and faithful all the time. :)

    Let's continue to blog for His glory.. May the Lord use our blogs mightily..:)