Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Matzo Bread

Take a closer look at the Matzo bread that we partake during our Holy Communion. This Matzo bread, which is unleavened, is pierced with rows of little holes forming strips. It is also slightly burnt. This bread we hold in our hands when we partake of the Lord’s Supper speaks of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ when He bore our sins and sickness on the Cross.

Like the Matzo bread, He was pierced in His brow by the crown of thorns as well as in His hands and feet by the nails. He was also pierced in His side by a soldier’s spear. He was pierced for our transgressions… He was also scourged on His back until His flesh was all torn and bloody, and His bones were exposed. By His stripes, we are healed

Like the burnt of the bread, the full fire of God’s wrath fell on Jesus, burning up our sins into ashes, and at the same time, bring out the fragrance of the offering of Jesus. After the Cross, our sins and lawless deeds are but ashes and our Daddy in Heaven remembers our sins and lawless deeds no more…!

When we partake of this Matzo bread during the Holy Communion, know that Jesus was pierced for our sins and scourged for our healing. He bore God’s fiery judgment so that we will never be judged for our sins! He also bore our diseases and carried our pains so that we can walk in divine health all the days of our life!

When we discern these precious truths about our Lord’s body, we are partaking of the Holy Communion in a worthy manner; and we will not be weak and sickly, or die before our time, but we will be strong, healthy and live long for His glory!


  1. Good Morning!!

    May the Shalom of our Lord rest on you today.

    Praying for SIB Grace and your service.

    I like the communion bread illustration. Jewish believers had so many "pictures" of Christ in their daily life. How sad that many still keep the ritual but don't know the Substance, the Christ, behind the observation of the ritual. We are blessed to see Jesus! And to understand the rituals as just pictures pointing to Him.

    Love & Grace in Christ to you & Penny.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    It is always nice to hear from you. Your words are full of His anointing. You are always good at encouraging people and you lifted my spirit again.

    I know now why our Brother Matthew made you his spiritual parent...

    You are turly a blessing to all of us!

    Shalom to you all at home...!!!